Kenya: Man Digs Up Father’s Grave in Bizarre Pursuit for Wealth

Kenya: Man Digs Up Father’s Grave in Bizarre Pursuit for Wealth

Residents of Maseno village in Subukia, Nakuru County were on Wednesday morning shocked when they learnt that a 22-year-old man had spent the night exhuming the remains of his father who was buried 19 years ago.

Mr Patrick Mwangi spent the entire Tuesday night digging up his father’s grave, a few days after he disclosed to his relatives that a man in Rumuruti, Laikipia County had asked for the bones in order to make him rich and sustain his tomatoes agribusiness.


“I had woken up and as usual, I walked around the compound to ensure that things were well. I was surprised to see a heap of fresh soil near my late in-law’s grave. Upon moving closer, I saw Mwangi inside with a jembe and he was busy digging deeper,” narrated Ms Teresia Mumbi, Mwangi’s aunt.

Ms Mumbi said Mwangi did not speak to her when she enquired about his action, only telling her to leave him alone.

Later when neighbours were called to intervene, he maintained that he needed to get his late father’s bones and take them to Rumuruti.

Ms Wanjiru Munene, a Nyumba Kumi, elder described Mwangi as a quiet man who spends most of his time alone doing business.

“He is reserved and when he is not at his business at Subukia trading centre, you will find him in the farm,” she said.


Mwangi had first attempted to dig up his father’s grave in September but his plans were stopped upon the intervention of the local chief.