Kenya: Narok Wheat Farmers Deny Receiving Dirty Money

Kenya: Narok Wheat Farmers Deny Receiving Dirty Money

Narok wheat and barley farmers have denied receiving ‘dirty money’ buyers as claimed by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) Tuesday.

On Wednesday some farmers in ilmashariani, Melili and Ntulele told the Nation that they stopped receiving cash money at the wheat fields two weeks ago. They said they have been doing bank deposits and transfers with the buyers.


Mr Moses ole Kupees and Alfred ole Kool said they sell bulk of their wheat through the National Cereal and Produce Board (NCPB) while barley is bought by brewery companies and not individuals.

“For the few times we sell the cereals in the wheat fields, I agree on the prices according to the sacks harvested with the buyers and we accompany them to their banks where they deposit the cash into my account, “said Mr Kupees.

The farmers reactions comes a day after CBK Governor Patrick Njoroge raised alarm over a spike in wheat cash buyers.

The CBK on Tuesday maintained there will be no extension of the September 30 deadline for the phase-out of the Sh1000 note. Kenyans who will not have converted, Dr Njoroge said, will lose out.

Dr Njoroge also said the CBK is working with the judiciary to ensure that prisoners who deposited old notes are allowed to exchange.

Narok Cereal Growers Association Chairman Lesiamon Koonyo said besides the fear of receiving dirty cash, the farmers also are careful since cases of theft during harvest season are rampant.

“Majority of our members prefer bank transaction mobile money transfers because of theft and robberies,” said Mr Koonyo.


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