Kenya: Police Plan Swoop on Youths Out to Resist Mau Eviction

Kenya: Police Plan Swoop on Youths Out to Resist Mau Eviction

A contingent of police officers from the Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU) have been deployed to Narok South following intelligence reports that a group of youths are arming themselves to resists phase two of Maasai Mau evictions.

The officers numbering 70, aboard three lorries and several Land Cruiser vehicles, arrived in the areas designated for the eviction two days ago.

Narok South Deputy County Commissioner Felix Kisalu confirmed that the officers have arrived and joined their counterparts from the Kenya Forest Service (KFS), in patrolling the areas which have so far been declared security operation areas.


“The officers arrived two days ago and they will be patrolling the area designated for evictions to keep law and order and actually assist those people who are willingly moving out to do so,” said Mr Kisalu.

He directed those who have left the forest to record statements with police so that a register of their departure is kept.

He added that the police officers will also stop all agricultural activities and felling of trees in the forest and assist in the quick movement of settlers out of the forest.


The government issued a 60-day notice for illegal occupants to willingly vacate the forest or face forceful eviction and so far, according to the Rift Valley Regional Coordinator George Natembeya, 70 percent of the settlers have moved out with less than 40 days left.