Kenyan cannibal! Muranga man wakes up with a hangover and cut off pekejeng

Kenyan cannibal! Muranga man wakes up with a hangover and cut off pekejeng

The sleepy village of Kamahuha, Muranga woke up to screams by one of their neighbours who had been bobbited.

According to reports, the man had gone out binge drinking with two other men and they later munched on his body parts and cut off essential organs as well.

Mickson Gitau told Citizen TV, “The dude is called Moses Wanyoike, he was said, he woke up and found his privates missing when we brought him to hospital, we saw he has nothing even his balls and sections of his hands have been cut and it was said earlier reported that the perpetrator may have eaten some of his body parts.”

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The MCA of Kamahuha James Karanja who rushed the victim to the hospital said, “I was called and told that a man in my ward has been bobbited and I took my car and went to the house, we went to the police and reported the matter.”

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He continued, “One of the three men who had slept with him was arrested. The victim told me that they were drinking and he left to go home, later they went to his house and inviting him back to their house. They were all punch drunk and he doesn’t understand what happened.”

The victim is currently admitted at Muranga District hospital as the villagers search for his missing body parts to ensure they are reattached.

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