“Keyboard warriors cannot bring me down” Samidoh

“Keyboard warriors cannot bring me down” Samidoh

Mugithii singer Samidoh has been making headlines for the past three months all thanks to baby mama, Karen Nyamu.

I mean, if not for her – we would have never found out about their affair that also now involves their months old baby boy.

Samidoh’s son

However just like any other bitter mum left by a man she loves; Ms Nyamu spilled details about her affair with singer Samidoh who is husband to one, Eddah Nderitu.

As expected this brought issues to his family and the worst part is that his two women somehow got to throw shade at each other on social media.

But unlike the Jimal, Amber and Amira’s situation – we can at least say Samidoh’s women chose to stay on the low after their family scandal starte d to get out of hand.

Samidoh with his wife and two kids

Samidoh addresses bloggers

Anyway just recently the popular singer had a candid interview with Nation. Africa; where he narrated his experience with the whole saga surrounding his family.

Speaking during the interview, Samidoh went on to reveal how the drama affected both his families; adding that the scandal actually hit him harder than Covid. He said;

“The pandemic has hit us hard. Chancing on a show is a near miracle nowadays…We are in real trouble. But this issue of my public prominence for all the bad reasons appeared destined to ransack my life and leave it completely bared,”

The young man who is now a father of 3 however went on to add that despite the drama; he was not about to let his life get affected by keyboard warriors looking to ruin his life. He went on to add;

Kikuyu Benga musician Samidoh

There is no way I could survive Al-Shabaab bullets while serving in some of the volatile parts of north-eastern counties only to come and be brought down by keyboard warriors who were armed with nothing more than mere toxic words,”

And in conclusion, Samidoh admitted that the Karen situation also affected him positively as he is now more than ever close to his God.

Today I can tell you for sure that my God liveth. The issue is now behind me and we are all coping alright…But I have a word of caution for the social media battalions…we are all human with our own flaws…let us not be quick to compete driving our fellow human beings over the emotional cliff

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