Kitchen gadget: Bottle loft – Evewoman

Kitchen gadget: Bottle loft – Evewoman
A bottle loft are strong magnetic holders attached to the roof of your fridge (Photo: Amazon)

I get home after a long hot day out, walk straight to the kitchen, open the fridge pop my head in looking for my cold drink. The bottles of juice are right where I stored them, hanging from my bottle loft on the inside roof of the fridge. Icy and cold. I get my bottle of mango juice; open it and, right there, take a long sip of my juice cooling me down instantly.

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Getting a bottle loft freed up some good fridge space and I now have extra space to store other items. Getting items in and out of the fridge is easier as the fridge is better organised. I have plans to buy more bottle lofts for my pantry.

Available on Amazon, bottle lofts are strong magnetic bottle holders. They are strips with heavy duty peel-and-stick adhesive that you can attach to the roof of your fridge, pantry or cabinets. They come in sets of two strips. Each strip can hold three bottles. Point to remember is the bottle loft has magnetic holders so cannot hold plastic bottles.


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