Kwale women rep declares war on aspirant – Weekly Citizen

Kwale women rep declares war on aspirant – Weekly Citizen

Kwale women representative Zuleikha Hassan has accused Kwale senatorial loser Mshenga Ruga of being used to settle political scores by criticising her performance since she was elected.
Zuleikha said she wondered why Ruga has been attacking her during the only function organised by Msambweni lawmaker Suleiman Dori.
She said in less than a month in a forum organised by Dori, Ruga has turned her name into a punching bag which she argues leaves more questions than answers.
“By the look of things Ruga is a mouthpiece for hire to tarnish my track record ahead of the 2022 general elections,” she pointed out.
Zuleikha said she had decided not to keep quiet any more from Ruga’s senseless and baseless criticisms.

Msambwenii MP Suleiman Dori

She was reacting to Ruga’s weekend remarks at Ukunda showground during the rewarding of best performing students in the 2019 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examinations at Dori’s turf.
The woman rep has refuted claims she has plans to oust Dori during the 2022 general elections.
Zuleikha said there is a perception from Dori handlers that she is going to challenge him in the 2022 polls.
She said that is why there is political realignment in the county with Ruga putting on the gloves to challenge her.
“Let Dori stop fearing and panicking and should hold his horses until the appropriate time comes. There are still three years to go before the polls,” she pointed out.
She told Ruga who is Citizen Democratic Assembly spokesperson to get her facts right on the annual Sh 24milion from the National Government Affirmative Action Fund instead of looking for cheap publicity.
Zuleikha has challenged Dor to showcase his track record during his tenure at Kwale county was allocated Sh60 million in 2013.
She said she is ready to be audited on the annual allocation of Sh24million since she was elected.


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