Lies Diamond has told every time he was caught cheating!

Lies Diamond has told every time he was caught cheating!

It’s no secret that Diamond Platnumz cannot keep it zipped up. What is more fascinating however is the lame excuses he gives akipatikana.

Below is a compilation of the lame excuses he has given in the past on why he strayed.

  1. Zari

Diamond cheated on the mother of his two children claiming it was because of the long distance between them.

Zari was majorly located in South Africa and Diamond in Tanzania, at some point Diamond’s sexual desires could not be contained.

Speaking in a past interview Diamond said:

Throughout my relationship with Zari, I wronged her more than she wronged me. She was smart, she was a wife material that I can assure.

He continued:

What I can say led to us into splitting was the distance and lack of constant engagement with each other.

Sexy Zari
Sexy Zari

Diamond continued,

I’m still young and I’m a star. Women are always drooling over me. Imagine, I leave the office, I go home and I don’t get my lover, she is in South Africa. I will endure this for one or two weeks and then give up.

Just when you think you have heard enough he adds that the devil made him do it. Really Chibu, really?

It was after this period I can say that the devil took over me and I started my stupidity. I’m human I couldn’t prevent it.

2. Wema Sepetu

While dating Wema Sepetu Diamond cheated on her by sleeping with her BFF’s Jokate Mwegelo and Penniel Mungilwa.

In a candid Interview with Ijumaa Wikienda, the voluptuous actress Wema pointed out that not even a marriage proposal would make her go back.

“Even if Diamond decided to drop everything and propose to me, I’d never accept his proposal,” she said.

Wema Sepetu

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3. Jokate Mwegelo

Jokate and Diamond dated briefly before she went on to date Ali Kiba.

Speaking about their break up, Diamond stated that he dumped her and went back to his ex, Wema Sepetu, something he deeply regrets.

Jokate was very innocent and never did anything wrong to me.

Diamond and Jokate

I put her through a lot of trouble and created a perception in peoples mind that she was a bad girl who had snatched me from Wema .

Adding that,

Truth is I’m the one who pursued her. I dated her then broke up with her without a reason and run back to Wema.

4. Penniel Mungilwa ‘Penny’

Penny and Diamond made their relationship public sometimes in 2013 after he broke up with Wema Sepetu.

Before the two got together Diamond had used Penny to cheat on Wema Sepetu.

Diamond Platnumz ex Penniel

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Penny and Diamond’s relationship was however short-lived as he went back to Wema before dumping Wema again for Zari Hassan.

Diamond who is currently dating Kenya’s Tanasha Donna in the past confessed that he would not cheat on her no matter what.


But looking at the above scenarios all we can say is once a cheat always a cheat.

What is the lamest excuse a man /woman has ever given for cheating on you?

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