‘Look at me!’ Diamond’s sister, Queen Darleen on pregnancy

‘Look at me!’ Diamond’s sister, Queen Darleen on pregnancy

We all thought Diamond will soon be an uncle but it remains just rumors. Queen Darleen is not pregnant.

Last week we were convinced that she was expecting a baby with one Lukamba, Diamond’s new official photographer after Kifesi quit.

Speaking to Yo Fave, Queen Darleen asked the journalist to take a good look at her so that he can clarify the story himself. He could not see any signs of an expectant woman.

She said,

That is just social media, as you have said, stories on social media, so this is just as simple as that, one of those unfounded stories. Look at me, look closely, do you see any pregnancy?

Darleen added that she is not in a relationship with her brother’s photographer, Lukamba Official. He is in the brother and professional zone. Hapo tricks.

So you have it from the horse’s mouth, she is not pregnant.

‘Uliyemgonja kaja’ Diamond announces birth of baby boy

In other Dangote news, seems like baby Diamond and Tanasha is here. The two have not confirmed but family members and close friends have thrown hints to confirm the news. Diamonds’ father confirmed the news saying,

It is true, and yes she was pregnant but I am not sure of the gender. As at now, I have learnt she delivered about two days ago. Diamond and his lover have not informed me but I know the baby is here.

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