Man arraigned in court for failing to pay Ksh. 30 Bus Fare

Man arraigned in court for failing to pay Ksh. 30 Bus Fare

Senior Principal Magistrate, Stella Atambo

A man was arraigned before a Kiambu Law court on 16 September, 2019 for failing to pay his fare of Ksh. 30 after he boarded a public service vehicle.

The particulars of the charge are that Joseph Mwangi, a Kiambu resident, failed to pay his fare of Ksh. 30 which was to cover the distance from Ndumberi to Kiambu town.

In his mitigation, the man narrated his ordeal. He stated that he was used to paying an amount of Ksh. 20 as the normal fare for Matatus plying the Ndumberi to Kiambu route. However, on that particular day after paying the ‘normal fare’ the conductor demanded an extra Ksh. 10 from him. Upon inquiry as to the reason for the fare hike, the conductor got enraged and threw at him the Ksh. 20. The conductor then ordered the driver to stop the Matatu where they were traffic police officers who heard the ordeal and then arrested him.

The Senior Principal Magistrate, Ms Stella Atambo, released the man for free and cautioned the prosecution against bringing such cases before the court as they are petty offences which can be solved on the spot

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