Man Watched As Gang Slashed And Clobbered Pregnant Wife, Daughter To Death

Man Watched As Gang Slashed And Clobbered Pregnant Wife, Daughter To Death
Former Sports CS Rashid Echesa.

Former CS Rashid Echesa and Matungu MP Justus Murunga  have been called for speedy investigations following emergence of a terror gang  is responsible for butchering a 40 year old pregnant woman together with her three year old daughter, on Saturday night in Matungu, Kakamega county.

The gang christened 14 brothers, arrived at the woman’s home  in Sayangwe village on motorbikes, shortly after 9 PM armed with crude weapons and kicked open the woman’s grass thatched house, in presence of her husband Mr Rabuochi. It would later be two hours of terror and raining hell fire on the family of four.

According to Rabuochi, after forcefully gaining entrance, the gang separated the house into two rooms using a bed sheet before they begun their inhumane acts.He helplessly watched as one of the attackers clobbered his nine-year-old daughter Loresho Adhiambo with a hammer on her head. She miraculously survived.The man then walked  to where his other daughter, three-year-old Shirleen Awino, was sleeping then clobbered  and strangled her to death.

They then  turned to Rabuochi’s wife Petronila Mungayi who was pregnant. Petronila,40, was hit in the head a blunt object followed by a rain of kicks and blows on her chest and stomach.This was a gang on a specific mission with direct instructions to eliminate the family as this attack was something out of the ordinary.

“I feel so bad I was unable to do anything to save my expectant wife and child who died on the spot.I am lucky I survived the attack.They also slashed me several times in the head. I later found myself here,” said Rabuochi who was transferred to Kakamega General Hospital following an order by Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya.

According to area Deputy Commissioner, Charles Ocharo, the gang has killed 15 people in the last one month alone within the sub country. Kakamega County Commissioner  Abdulrazak Jaldesa ordered the transfer of Matungu OCS and his juniors for ‘sleeping on the job’.


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