Mark Masai, forcing us to press play

Mark Masai, forcing us to press play

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When it comes to male media personalities, Mark Masai quickly comes to mind. The handsome, often private journalist turned actor has been a favourite among Kenyan women. 

Masai was born Masai Abdullahi Kasim, a name he maintained even though he grew up Christian. He later changed his name to Mark Masai. 

In an interview with a local media house, Masai explained that he was born to a Muslim mother who put him up for adoption when he was seven months old. He has since made contact with his mother.

Masai married Fiona Nduta in a private ceremony in 2015 and the two have a daughter, Nashipae.

Masai first joined media working as a radio presenter at Hope FM
‘Mark’ is derived from an acronym ‘MAK’ of his birth name Masai Abdullahi Kasim
He married Fiona Nduta in 2015
We love a man with a sense of humour
He can cook!
Masai was raised by his adoptive mum, Mary Wight
Masai has been quoted as saying he loves anything that takes him out of his comfort zone
He took a break from journalism and ventured into film-making
We were huge fans of this on-screen couple
We wouldn’t mind seeing more of you on our screens

(Photos: Instagram @mark_masai) 

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