Meet Bien’s stunning mother-in-love (Photos)

Meet Bien’s stunning mother-in-love (Photos)
Bien and Chiki
Bien and Chiki

It’s said the apple does not fall far from the tree. That saying rings true for Chiki Kuruka, fiancee to Bien of Sauti Sol and her mother.

Chiki, who is half Nigerian and half Swiss, has looks and a body most women only dream of.

Sharing a photo of herself and her mother over the weekend, it caught Kenyans by surprise.

“You are my Porn star” Chiki kuruka pens down a heartwarming message to Bien

Most wondered if the woman in the photo was really her mother or her sister.

When my mum landed the first place I had to take her was @kiza_nairobi and of course the king of hospitality @kizaali was there to host us. Let me tell you something I have eaten West African food my entire life, buuuuuuut the chef at kiza is NEXT LEVELS. Soooooooo happy my mum is here, it’s weird, when she is around I glow.

Chiki has in the past revealed how tight she and her mother are.

When I was growing up, my mum used to say to me ‘your biggest burden is that you are a queen, accept it with confidence, grace and your head held high my darling’.

Chiki Kuruka and her mum

My mum has always been my driving force. Thank you for always making me realize my self worth, and to not accept anything less than my full potential. I love you mum. 📸

Below are reaction comments that prove that indeed Chiki took all the beauty genes from her mum

irynnkenya: Now who’s the Mum and who’s Chiki? Beautiful people

annemarieburugu: I see where you get your gorgeousness from!! 😍😍😍 Your mum is STUNNING

tashhernandez:❤️she’s so cute n she looks like ur twin sister

mutuakate:Ati mum 🤔🤔🤔 damn she’s fine!

eslynemusungu:Your mum look like your siz

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