Ministry Officials Crisis Meeting Over Starehe Girls Mysterious Disease

Ministry Officials Crisis Meeting Over Starehe Girls Mysterious Disease

Students at
Starehe Girls Centre have been sent home and the school closed indefinitely
after a yet to be identified disease outbreak at the institution.

Early this
morning, the school was closed with limited access only allowed to parents of
students who were to go home.

Sneezing, high pitched cough and fever

The disease
has left more than 50 students confined to their beds and isolated from the

Those affected
exhibited symptoms which included sneezing, a high pitched cough and a
low-grade fever.

In a brief to
newsrooms, the school’s director, Sister Jane Soita said that test results are
expected today.

Soita added
that the Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kemri) and the Centre for Disease
Control (CDC) were analysing samples collected by doctors from the Integrated
Disease Surveillance Response Department.

The school
has notified parents and guardians of the affected girls.

National girls’ high school

Starehe Girls
Centre was conceived as a charitable national girls’ high school to cater for
bright but economically and socially disadvantaged girls.

establishment of the Centre was as a result of concerted efforts of individuals
who envisioned an institution with a holistic education approach,” says a
statement on the school’s website.

The institution
is located in Bustani Estate at Njathaini, off Kiambu Road.

It is in a
rural setting about 18 km north of Nairobi within Roysambu Zone, Marurui
Location in Kasarani Division in Kasarani sub-county.

The school’s leadership is comprised of a Director, Chief Principal, Deputy Principal, a staff of forty teachers and forty-eight non-teaching and support staff.

Starehe Girls
has 560 students 480 of whom are sponsored students. The remaining 80 are

The school
has registered an impressive growth in the number of students pursuing
university education. For the past ten years, 95% of students have been
admitted into various public universities while a few have gone to
international universities.

Others have pursued
diploma courses.

Schools safe for learners

Education Cabinet
Secretary Prof George Magoha last week had to assure parents that schools were
safe for learners.

This was after
the collapse of the Precious Talents School where seven
pupils lost their lives

Magoha maintained
that students are safe in schools.

After touring
the ill-fated institution, Magoha’s teams have been moving around the country
where a number of schools have been closed due to the unsafe nature of some of
the structures.

On the
Starehe Girls Centre case, officials from the Ministry of Education and Starehe
Girls heads are currently in a crisis meeting.

abound however over the release of the girls without the symptoms into the
general populace.

Arguments are
that the school should quarantine the students in the school until it is
established what the disease is.


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