Minting money with major endorsement deals

Minting money with major endorsement deals

I know not whether Terryanne Chebet laughs softly in a demure manner or if she roars out her laughter like some women prefer to do but one thing I know is that she is laughing all the way to the bank.

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I was surfing these damned interwebs when I came across a post advertising diapers and baby products. At first, I thought about how this is definitely proof that Instagram is listening in on my conversations then I also realized that while I am busy discussing matters that are none of your collective concern, women like Terryanne Chebet have found a way to monetize their brands so efficiently it acts as passive income for them.

Terryanne Chebet celebrates her 40th birthday without her Citizen TV ‘family’

And that is truly the mark of a smart woman indeed. She has found a way for her baby to make money before she even turns 5! Check out the add below:


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