Mistakes to avoid when moisturizing your skin

Mistakes to avoid when moisturizing your skin

Moisturizing is important for everyone and it’s more than picking a random lotion or cream at the supermarket.

For best results, avoid making these common moisturizer mistakes:

1. Using the wrong moisturizer

Importance of using Moisturizers

This is a mistake that most people make. To choose the right moisturizer, you need to first know your skin type. There are moisturizers for oily skin, normal and even dry. If you have oily skin, for instance, you don’t need an oil-based moisturizer lest it will leave you shining even more.

2. Skipping moisturizer

Taking care of oily skin(L’Oreal Paris)

Your skin is oily, we get it. But that is no reason enough to skip moisturizer. Every skin type needs to be moisturized. When you skip moisturizer, your skin is prompted to produce more oils to counter the dryness. You only make the oiliness worse by skipping the moisturizer.

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3. Ignoring your neck

It needs moisture too. One of the early signs of aging is a wrinkly neck. You don’t want that too early. Moisturize your neck too to avoid early formation of wrinkles.

4. Applying it on dry skin

You should moisturize when skin is still dry

You need to lock in moisture and prevent it from evaporating after cleansing your neck and face. You, therefore, need to moisturize your skin when it’s still damp to get maximum benefits.

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5. Being too rough when moisturizing

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Take your time to gently rub the moisturizer in circular motions with your fingers. Then use one finger to apply moisturizer around your eyes. Being too rough damages the skin and can cause premature signs of aging.


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