More headaches for Vihiga governor Ottichilo – Weekly Citizen

More headaches for Vihiga governor Ottichilo – Weekly Citizen

Over 25 liaison officers serving in the office of Vihiga county governor Wilbur Ottichilo are staring at losing their jobs as Vihiga MCAs want their position scrapped from the county administration. The move comes after Ottichilo and his team was forced by the senate public accounts committee to cut short their presentation when they appeared before it and sent back to prepare well.

Wilberforce Ottichilo

They were supposed to be back in two weeks. Already, the county office in Nairobi has been closed due to failure to pay rent arrears running into millions of shillings. The MCAs who have already drafted a motion to remove all the 25 liaison officers from the office said the officers are earning a lot of money from the county coffers but their work is of no help to the electorate. The MCAs said the work of the liaison officers is a duplicate of the duties being performed by ward administrators. They said most of the liaison officers have focused much on politics where some go to the extent of abusing the elected leaders in the county. They added that the move of scrapping the position of the liaison officers is also aimed at cutting on the county wage bill which is ballooning day and night.

Patrick Saisi

The MCAs also pointed at the level of education of most of the liaison officers appointed by Governor Ottichilo where the majority are primary school drop-outs. “We have drafted a motion which will be tabled in the county assembly of Vihiga that will see all the positions of the county liaison officers scrapped from the county administrative units. These are the people who are earning from the county coffers without residents getting value of their services. Their work is a duplicate of the duties of ward administrators,” said the MCAs. The MCAs said they have already notified Ottichilo about the move of sending the entire liaison officers packing. The MCAs were not happy with the behaviour of one Charles Alulu who has a habit of insulting elected leaders in the county.

George Khaniri

Alulu who is said to have been hired by Ottichilo as his “dog on the loose” to insult leaders is a marked man in Vihiga county where leaders have vowed to cut him to his size. Leaders in Vihiga county were not happy when Alulu insulted Vihiga county women representative Beatrice Adagala. The MCAs have given Ottichilo two weeks to sack Alulu or he carries the “idiot’s” sins. Alulu was dropped by Senator George Khaniri after he received several complaints about his conduct. Alulu was brought to Ottichilo by his deputy governor Patrick Saisi. Saisi has no ground in his Hamisi home ground and is said to be proposing to Ottichilo people to join his camp.

Beatrice Adagala

Meanwhile, Luanda MP Chris Omulele allies have told the governor’s aide Noah Okaya to stop pledging money in public functions but give hard cash. They say since Okaya was sacked, his fortunes have dwindled and have been moving in harambee functions promising air. They give an example in Ekwanda where the aspirant for the Luanda seat 2022 pledged Sh5,000 for a sick man and has not honoured up to now. The MP’s supporters claim, the aspirant used to receive money from contractors but they have of late deserted him.


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