Mps Shouldn’t be Paid Salaries, says North Imenti MP Dawood

Mps Shouldn’t be Paid Salaries, says North Imenti MP Dawood

North Imenti MP Rahim Dawood has called for a slash of MPs salary saying that State servants should not even be paid for serving Kenyans.

Dawood said he is prepared to forego his salary and urged his colleagues to do the same as this will go a long way in reducing the burgeoning wage bill and help the State tackle the debt problem.

“Now that Kenya is struggling with a high wage bill and residents continue to demand more development projects, my opinion is that MPs and other state servants’ salaries be reduced or even done away with altogether. They shouldn’t be paid a coin. They can earn allowances,” he said at the constituency NG-CDF offices on Wednesday.

According to Dawood, Kenyans must start treating leadership as a calling and not an opportunity to profit. He said one should resign from a job to run for political office to serve and not to get financial benefits or other favours.

The lawmaker also lauded President Uhuru for promoting peace and cohesion. Dawood backed the President’s development agenda and cautioned politicians against causing chaos, especially in churches.

He said leaders who fight in churches should be blacklisted and barred from making public addresses in churches.

“What happened in Murang’a is not acceptable. I urged religious leaders not to give such politicians a platform to address people in church even if they attended the church for a harambee,” he said.

Dawood also supported the expansion of the Executive to create the positions of President, Prime Minister and their deputies, noting this will ensure more communities are accommodated in leadership and that will promote peace and prosperity.

“We want a comprehensive constitutional change. General elections are far and it’s unfortunate for someone to claim former Prime Minister Raila Odinga cannot be elected. Leaders come from God. There’s no way a Meru can be President through a presidential system,” Dawood said.

He spoke when he issued Sh40 million for institutional development, including the construction of administration blocks.


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