“Mwataka nifie labour?” Mama Dangote questions fan asking her to sire more children

“Mwataka nifie labour?” Mama Dangote questions fan asking her to sire more children

Mama Dangote welcomed her 7th grandchild just this week but are we also expecting a child from her relationship with Rally Jones?

It has been excitement and merry-making for the Dangote’s after one of their kind came to life early in the week.

I think if anything, it is celebratory mood for the expanding family with tied birth dates between mum-in-law and daughter-in-law as well as father and son.

Diamond Platnumz with his mother, Sandra kassim and baby mama, Tanasha Donna

However, a bigger share goes to Diamond’s mother who must be proud of her star of a son.

Unfortunately, we are not here to discuss Platnumz but the mother, Sandra Kassim.

Diamond’s siblings?

So now, since fans have received another Simba, they question mama Dangote’s motive behind her relationship with her ‘Ben 10’.

The aging mother, who recently clocked 48 years shared her disappointment with fans, after clarifying that she is in a relationship, to have fun, not sire.

Further posing to fans, how far they would rather go, to see her sire a child only to pass on in the delivery room.

Sisi tumeoana sio wa kuzaa, tumeona kula good time. Tuzae nini na utu uzima huu? Sasa nizae nini? Mwataka nifie labour? Mume wangu ananipenda, sitaki mambo ya kuzaa zaa.

Fortunately, if she gets back to the drawing board and rethinks it, there wouldn’t be as much harm because as long as the young one comes out healthy, her duties come to an end.

Her first born daughter, Esma Platnumz has promise to take up the responsibility to care for the young one, if any, and let her aging mother celebrate her old days happy and free.

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