‘My crush left me for OJ,’ Andrew Kibe on betray by his past love

‘My crush left me for OJ,’ Andrew Kibe on betray by his past love

Kiss 100 radio presenter Andrew Kibe has opened up on how a chic he loved back in the day eloped with someone else after he joined bible school.

I left her and went to bible school only to come back and find antonina (Tony) and OJ had
gotten together.

I was in form three and OJ was at the time was the better option.

KISS FM’s Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe.

To those who may not know Kibe was deeply involved in matters of the church before he decided to ditch it for the secular world.

Speaking during a past interview with the Star Kibe said he could not become a pastor as he was not a good enough liar to meet the threshold.

“Those were my plans but unfortunately I was not good enough because I could not lie enough like most pastors do.

so I left the club of fakeness and started a new life.

I was not good enough and so they never made me a pastor. I only prayed for myself. The club of friends I was with blocked me because they said I was too outspoken or something like that.”

Asked if he still has the passion, Kibe said he is no longer interested in that life, though he has nothing against any person who ekes out a living as a pastor.

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