‘My wife could not understand me !’ Jua Cali opens up

‘My wife could not understand me !’ Jua Cali opens up

If there is one fear celebrity partners have is cheating. Jua Cali’s marriage is no different.

The Genge rapper says being away from his family is the biggest challenge he has encountered as an artiste over the past two decades. Sometimes one can miss very important family moments.

The biggest challenge is that when I married my wife could not understand me because I used to travel a lot. Celebrity marriage needs a lot of trust, and with that, things will work out

He had to keep reminding his wife it was just work. It is so serious Lilly Asigo, his wife admitted that she sometimes checks her husband’s inbox messages just to see what is happening.

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The mother of three said she had to ask for his password to always know who is trying to come between the two as she tries to deal with his stardom.

His advice to other celebrities is they should not fear marriage because it opens more opportunities for them.

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