Nadia Mukami upset that cheating women are treated badly by society

Nadia Mukami upset that cheating women are treated badly by society

Nadia Mukami is miffed. She is one very angry woman. The singer behind the jam radio love took issue with a post Snoop Dogg shared that celebrated the relationship between Gucci Mane and his wife Keisha Ka’ior.

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While most people saw the message as positive, Nadia Mukami was of a different opinion. First, check out the message Snoop Dogg posted:

Everyone wants this , but what y’all forget was she was with Wild Gucci , on drugs Gucci , cheating Gucci , in jail Gucci , publicity with other women Gucci I This is Gucci after therapy / rehabilitation I This is a street man Groomed in his 30’s after he’s been at his lowest I Point is, this is a RIDER who knew what she signed up for I You bitches is with the next nigga after couple fights ,

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And this message completely set Nadia Mukami all the way off. Nadia Mukami who has been on some thirst trap went on a whole rant about how society views loose women. Why loose women? Well, what do we call a key that can open multiple padlocks vs a padlock that can be opened by multiple keys? Anyway, check out Nadia Mukami’s rant below:

Discuss 30marks😒

YES or NO!! (support your answer)
For me this is a NO! A big NO!

Why is it that we can take men back after all those things but when a woman dares cheat with just one man, is a drug addict, sleeps with all your friends no one would wanna be associated with her! Infact she’s an outcast! These are double standards! Before you insult my opinion ask yourself would you want your daughter or sister tolerate all this just because marriage is the ultimate prize😏🙄 In other cases you end up getting sexually transmitted diseases just to prove loyalty naaah!
Men will really come for me on this one🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️#kaNadiakatambe

Do you agree with Nadia Mukami’s opinion? Is society right to be harsh to women who cheat on their husbands?


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