NCBA Unveils a New Logo After NIC-CBA Merger

NCBA Unveils a New Logo After NIC-CBA Merger

NCBA has revealed a new logo following the NIC-CBA merger in September. The new logo marks the beginning of new operations of the group in Kenya as NCBA bank Kenya PLC.

The new logo is similar to CBA’s imprint of the African Map, with the words “NCBA” emboldened beside Africa.

NCBA Chairman Isaac Awuondo says the new brand identity combines the unique strengths and legacies of the two former brands. Furthermore, the bank will roll out across all customer touchpoints starting October.

“We are pleased to unveil our new inspirational logo as part of our journey to bring our merger under one unified banner. Starting October, the new logo will be rolled out across all our customer touchpoints,” said Awuondo.

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Part of the new identity entails harmonizing operations and expanding product ranges. NCBA MD John Gachora believes that the new identity will form a stronger bank in terms of financial strength and regional connectivity.

“We are excited about our bold, new unified identity, which sets us apart and resonates very well with our customers. NCBA is a stronger and larger bank, with the financial strength, expertise, and regional connectivity to put its customers first through an expanded range of products and services,” said Gachora.


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