Nigerias Farmcrowdy launches PlentyWaka, a bus hailing service

Nigerias Farmcrowdy launches PlentyWaka, a bus hailing service

PlentyWaka, a bus hailing service has been launched in Lagos, Nigeria by FarmCrowdy to take on SWVL, Gona, Little Bus, OBus among others.

PlentyWaka is a service of Crowdyvest, a firm owned by FarmCrowdy. According to Farmcrowdy CEO, Onyeka Akumah, Plentywaka has 25 brand new buses and is plying on the Ajah to CMS//CMS to Ajah as its first route. PlentyWaka will be run independently by Johnny Enagwolor as its Managing Director.

Available on the Play store and Apple store, Plentywaka is a premium bus sharing solution designed to allow users schedule their rides from their preferred pick-up locations to their desired destination.

“With Plentywaka, you can avoid the rush, the noise, and other inconveniences, while you order a ride comfortably from the app. What is more interesting is, not only will you able to order your ride, you can book your preferred seat. For some, that’s a spot by the window and for some others, it’s a seat on the last row,” the firm announced.

The app works simply. To start using Plentywaka, all you have to do is download the app on Playstore or App store, register with your email and enter your Pick Up and Drop Off Location. Then you will be able to see the buses available and select a timing that works for you.

By allowing users to reserve a seat, it saves on the time people waste in bus stops waiting for buses. The first set of 10,000 riders will be able to try the service for free with their first 2 trips on the Ajah-CMS//CMS — Ajah route.

Crowdvest says their real-time minibus booking request system allow users to schedule their pickups from their desired bus stops and get real-time information about their journey, thus offering commuters convenience, safety and comfort.

PlentyWaka aims to bring convenience by allowing users to schedule their pickups from their desired bus stops and get real-time information about their journey. It will also reduce traffic congestion as it will give commuters the option of leaving their cars at home and commute comfortably in luxurious buses. This will lead to fewer cars on the road and reduce traffic.

The platform also promises improved transportation as it creates an efficient and well-structured transport system by leveraging on technology to create an experience that is highly effective and efficient.

PlentyWakas automated payment options as opposed to paying for their trip by cash could help in planning their trips in advance, not only on a daily basis but weekly and monthly.

For safety, the firm says users can rest assured of their safety as the buses are driven by well-trained and experienced drivers, and are attended to by professional vehicle assistants.

PlentyWaka also aims to empower Nigerians by employing hundreds of drivers and vehicle assistants as well as allowing hundreds of Nigerians to invest in the transport sector.



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