‘No Kenyans it’s Time we Speak up’ Bahati angered by the government after Likoni Ferry Tragedy

‘No Kenyans it’s Time we Speak up’ Bahati angered by the government after Likoni Ferry Tragedy

Family and friends of Mariam Kigenda and daughter Amanda Mutheu and Kenyans at large are yet to come to terms with her untimely demise.

The two died on Sunday evening after their car sank in the ocean at Likoni ferry channel. Their bodies are yet to be recovered four days later and Kenyans are angry with the government.

Bahati who has shown his interest in being part of the government -presidency to be precise- has taken to social media with a post expressing her anger. He is angry that there is not enough effort from our government to at least retrieve the bodies of these innocent souls.

“This is One of the Most HEARTBREAKING Videos I have Ever Watched. Watching your Own Country People Drown on Video. As we’re Watching this a Man| A Husband Somewhere is Mourning his Wife, Daughter and Relative who Perished in this Incident but even more Painful is that More than 3 Days later no Enough efforts from Our Government to at least get the Bodies of this Innocent Souls. We’re Not Here to Blame One Another but I feel the Government of Kenya & Mombasa County Should do Something to At least show that Small Care to it’s Citizens 🙏 After this Incident It’s Clear that despite #Likoni Being Kenya’s Major Ferry Crossing deport … The Slow Response Shows how Unprepared We are as a Country. You mean no Kenya Navy Officials or Cops on Standby for Such Emergencies??? Enyewe Tunaishi kwa Nehema za Mungu TUU!!! Now as this Man Mourns his Family he’s also Forced to pay for Private Divers from his Pocket??? No Kenyans it’s Time we Speak up Coz Today it’s them Tomorrow it’s US!!! Rest in Peace Mariam Kagenda, the Relative and the 4 year Old Daughter, and to the Husband we as Kenyans We’re Praying for you. May God Strengthen you During this trying season 🙏🙏🙏#LikoniFerryTragedy.” Bahati pens down

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In as much as this is a sad story, we hope the government can learn from it and make sure as a country we are prepared for such tragedies.

Because we can not wait for Bahati to become president in 2032 to make these adjustments.

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