Obure, Maangi supremacy war – Weekly Citizen

Obure, Maangi supremacy war – Weekly Citizen

Political supremacy pitting cabinet administrative secretary Chris Obure and Kisii deputy governor Joash Maangi is playing against the unity of the larger Gucha Alliance as locals warm up for the gubernatorial seat held by James Ongwae from the Kisii region, thanks to confusion, misunderstanding and selfishness among local leaders.

Governor Obure

Maangi from the Abamachoge clan who is serving his second term as the second in command to the former TSC chief executive now rated to be among the best 10 performing governors in Kenya has put all the structures in place to which Obure who is the fallen pioneer senator from the neighbouring Bobasi clan is not dancing to.
Gucha region is bitter with the ongoing pre-arrangement where Nyaribari and Bogetutu clans from the Kisii region have shared slots of governor and his deputy which means that they will have to wait a little bit longer before they ascend to the coveted seat.
Senator Ongeri and Kitutu Chache South MP Richard Onyonka who have been moving around with Governor Ongwae who also enjoys the confidence of the women representative have sent their counterparts from Gucha to the drawing board to ensure that they do not play second fiddle as imagined.
If Ongeri who controls the Boguche sub-clan in Nyaribari makes good of his plans to be on the ballot box, then he will be facing land economist Rachael Otundo from the Kamba nane sub-clan who has made inroads across the county.
With the leader of majority Timothy Ogugu and leader of minority James Ondari hailing from the Abamachoge clan, Maangi has managed to woo a record 38 out of the total 45 elected MCAs and a number of their nominated counterparts and has been quietly mapping the county so as to scoop maximum votes come the elections.

Deputy Governor Maangi

Recently, Maangi and Obure met during the Kecoso games at the Gusii Stadium also attended by Ongwae and Kitutu Chache North MP Jimmy Angwenyi both from the Abagetutu clan and opponents during the 2007 general elections parliamentary seat where the aging Obure tried to convince the shrewd deputy governor to support him for the seat come 2022 but they disagreed forcing them to storm out of the boardroom with disturbed faces.
After Ongwae noted the intended political marriage of the duo, he left the Kecoso games together with Angwenyi in the same vehicle but sources revealed that they would rather be comfortable with Maangi with whom they have managed the journey on devolution.
The larger Gucha consists of Bobasi, Bomachoge and Bogirango clans with Bobasi appearing to be walking tall given that they were the beneficiaries of most projects like roads, schools and employment when Obure was assistant minister and later full minister with that of finance being the senior most.
Those from the Bogirango clan who are likely to join the gubernatorial race are Omingo Magara and Manson Oyongo who lost in the senate and gubernatorial competitions during the last general elections respectively.
Unfortunately, leaders from the Bobasi clan who have made it to successful politics do not see eye-to-eye with each other, thus putting their supporters at crossroads to support one for the bigger seats and dealing with Maangi, it will be an uphill task since he has started on a sound base of his own clan where he is the only one in the race.


It should be recalled that the unity of perennial rivals in the Bobasi parliamentary seat, Chris Obure and Stephen Manoti, during the last general elections to bring home the seat of governor and that of MP saw both of them biting the dust, which surprised the likes of Ongwae and Innocent Obiri who carried the day.
Notable leaders from the Bobasi clan who will be interested with the gubernatorial seat include Obure, women representative Janet Ong’era and Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati and Lumumba Nyaberi.
Ong’era was the latest to declare interest for the seat while addressing citizens of Bogetaorio subclan, becoming the second female politician after Rachael Otundo from the Nyaribari clan where she has declared that the gubernatorial seat was not a preserve for men alone as she was warming up for the 2022 polls.
As one of the pioneer senators, albeit nominated, and now elected women representative, Ong’era is working round the clock to endear herself to the electorate and only time will tell whether she will stick for the top seat or become as the running mate in the next county government political dispensation.


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