Ochungulo Family help the girl behind the voice of ‘Mbingijii imekulwa na ndogi’

Ochungulo Family help the girl behind the voice of ‘Mbingijii imekulwa na ndogi’

Wolan! Ochungulo Family is out to give back to society.

As we speak they’re among the most loved and played new school era group in Kenya. They jumped on the trend ‘Mbingijii imekulwa na ndogi’ and released a song that has more than half a million views on YouTube.

The slogan was released by a little girl who did not anticipate for it to trend and just after Ochungulo Family released the song which got traction, they got a hold of the little girl and they fell in love with her.

Ochungulo Family

The all male group have gone the extra mile to give back to society by paying a years worth of school fees for the little girl who goes by the name Happiness. More to that, they are willing to help the family who are originally from Meru in any way they can.

Wolaaaan!! We managed to get a hold of the little girl who’s voice eclipsed into the Mbinginji viral audio… She traveled all the way from Meru to meet @ochungulo_family .. it was a pleasure & her story is soo touching and guess what!!Her name is Happiness… Quite the talented young soul!! And you know you gotta appreciate people that have brought a smile or just made you happy in one way or another. Thus, We decided as @ochungulo_family to pay for her school fees for the next one year,and as the saying goes, educate a girl, and you impact an entire community& also support the family as much as we can.

The group has asked their fans to contribute funds to support this cause.

If you like to help for this cause feel free to contact us. 
All in all it was a pleasure to meet her & her family. 

Their fans are quite excited about this move Ochungulo have made and are sending blessings their way.

‘Our music doesn’t affect someone directly’ Ochungulo family respond

When you give, blessings come back in good measures and we wish the band al the best in this project and many others to come.

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