Ochungulo Family offers school fees for ‘mbinginji imekurwa na ndogii’ girl – Nairobi News

Ochungulo Family offers school fees for ‘mbinginji imekurwa na ndogii’ girl – Nairobi News

Ochungulo Family artistes have tracked down the child with a heavy Meru accent in viral audio clip and promised to pay her school fees.

The child became an instant sensation among internet users after her audio speaking went viral, inspiring countless songs.

In the clip, the girl is asked to say “Big G imekulwa na dogii” but ends up saying “Mbinginjii imekurwa na ndogii“.

The trio of the Ochungulo Family, who were the first to release a song titled ‘Mbinginjii imekulwa na ndogii’ with the girl’s audio as the chorus, over the weekend tracked down the child down and promised to pay her year’s school fees.

The child was identified as Happiness and had travelled with her mother from Meru to meet the boy group.

The Na Iwake hit-makers announced on social media that they had managed to get a hold of the little girl.


“She traveled all the way from Meru to meet Ochungulo Family, it was a pleasure and her story is soo touching and guess what!! Her name is Happiness… Quite the talented young soul!! And you know you gotta appreciate people that have brought a smile or just made you happy in one way or another. Thus, we’ve decided to pay for her school fees for the next one year,” they captioned their Instagram post.

The undated audio clip was widely shared on social media were a man is heard asking the child some questions which she boldly answers with the heavy accent.

The man accompanied the girl and her mother when they met the trio. He again asked the child to repeat some words that came out with the heavy Meru accent.

The Ochungulo Family is a new boy group in the Kenyan music scene and have several hits including Kaa na mama yako, Aluta among others.


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