ODM Supporters Want Miguna Back For A ‘PEACEFUL Meeting’

ODM Supporters Want Miguna Back For A ‘PEACEFUL Meeting’

A section of ODM supporters now want the exiled Miguna Miguna back in the country. The supporters have now renewed their push to have the former Raila aide be allowed back in Kenya for what they term as a ‘peaceful meeting’.

Miguna Miguna was exiled after controversial swearing-in NASA’s 2017 Presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

want violence
Migunas past interaction with ODM supporters

In exile,
Miguna’s resentment towards Raila has been on the rise and in the past few
days, he has made below-the-belt attacks touching on Raila’s family.

The attacks
from Miguna come at a time the Odinga family is embroiled in a property dispute
with the late Fidel Odinga’s widow.

The lawyer
stirred controversy with his first post on the matter.

Dr. Miguna Miguna

10 hrs · 

Both Junior Odinga and Winnie Odinga are the BIOLOGICAL children of JOE
AGER whom Ida got when The People’s Con-Man Raila Odinga was in jail. It explains why
Ager was the first person Raila appointed as Prime Minister and after the
HandChieth. No more lies! Truth sets us Free!

explains why The Con-Man Raila Odinga does not care about Fide’s widow Lwam
Getachew Bekele or Fidel’s son. Kenyans must say NO to Raila’s conmanship both
in his personal life and his fraudulent politics. We cannot allow one man’s
turbulent life to destroy that of millions.


Kenya’s investigative online users were, however, quick to note the flaws in his allegations. They pointed out that Miguna Miguna was only ten years at the time of Fidel Odinga’s conception and couldn’t have known who fathered who and where.

Still on
the offensive, he made yet another chilling post.

Dr. Miguna Miguna

1 hr · 

After Fidel Odinga Owino died mysteriously, The People’s Con-Man Raila Odinga arrived at Fidel’s home and sent for an old Luo traditional medicine man (ajuoga) from Sakwa. The Luo traditional medicine man (ajuoga) found Raila sequestered in Fidel’s bedroom. Raila ordered him to chop off Fidel’s right thumb. Then Fidel was taken to Lee Funeral.


Raila Odinga’s zombies delude themselves that they can fight truth with lies
then they have one billion explosions waiting for them. Let me give Raila
Odinga a piece of advice: Never, ever, betray your adviser and a revolutionary
for 30 pieces of silver. You will never recover! Never!

Many have been quick to point out derangement as a possible reason for Miguna’s strange behavior and now want to offer him local treatment.

Also see: https://updates.co.ke/railas-family-unites-to-disinherit-poor-fidels-widow/

“We want
Miguna back into the country so that we peacefully consult with him and find explanations
for his recent outbursts,” an angry Ochuodho noted.

What remains unclear is the extent of the peaceful explanations that Miguna Miguna would receive should he land back in the country.

Is it safe
for him to come back?


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