Otile Brown the lover boy on ‘Nabayet’

Otile Brown the lover boy on ‘Nabayet’

Otile Brown is back with a new jam Nabayet. The talented Kenyan musician does not disappoint. He has that lyrical prowess that will keep look out for his songs always. In this new jam seems it is all about the lover.

In addition, Otile has not had it easy in his dating life. Also, he is known for writing great love songs. This dude is very smart, how he was able to come up with a song talking to ex-lover is prof of his love for the girl. This needed courage.

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Firstly, title Nabayet is the name of his Ethiopian lover. This has helped kill the monotony that comes with most of his love songs. Otile is describing himself in this jam.

Otile Brown the lover boy on 'Nabayet'

Nabayet is all about love

Sinking deeper into the lyrics, you’ll realise that they are well crafted. Come on we all know how Otile does it. The first stanza goes like;

Nimejaliwa moyo wa upendo, Nikipenda napendaga vibaya Ila scandal zimefanya sija settle , Madem wananihukumu vibaya Nishabadili ata Mienendo wanadai nimefulia ile mbaya Mana sifanyi kiki tena na scandal sina hamu nazo kisa wewe mama. In this stanza he talks of how when he loves and what hinders him from settling.

To add on, we all recall his back and forth with Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika. For sure he deserves better. In the next stanza; Baby mi sio mtu wa mchezo mchezo (Nabayet ,Nabayet , Nabayet) Sema niku Oe ata leo (Nabayet ,Nabayet , Nabayet).

Here he says that he is not a playboy and if Nabeyet says she wants to get married be it today, he will do it. What kind of love do women want out here?

Otile Brown the lover boy on 'Nabayet'

Aseme anahisi joto nimpepee ila anachukulia poa tu Nioshe viombo nimkande ila juhudi zangu bure tu Namtendekeza kama mtoto ata chakula kwa mkono ashiki Kama Mashine nampa tango mana hanaga bwawa la maji. If the promises in this song is something to go by, then Otile is smitten.

Audio was produced by Ihaji. It is just dope. The words and the beats are in sync. Also, we are not going to forget the director Deska Torres. It is a great team.

In conclusion, lets forget about Nabayet and focus on the talent. This is a great jam. Last but least, Otile Brown gets a rating of 7/10 in Nabayet.

Video Below.

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