Peter Okoye’s wife’s response to his cheating claims with Zari are proof that she remained unshaken

Peter Okoye’s wife’s response to his cheating claims with Zari are proof that she remained unshaken

Zari Hassan had to face the music after Diamond went wild to channel allegations that she had been a cheater and for that matter, with P Square’s Peter Okoye.

The two however refuted the claims that lay the case down to rest.

Zari Hassan, Peter Okoye (right) and Diamond Platnumz (inset)

Like we’d expect of most women, speculations were that Peter Okoye’s wife would rant out on the Boss Lady or her hubby but that never came to pass.

Instead, she kept her cool but has now finally spoken.

Lola speaks

Over the weekend, as Zari turned a year older, Peter’s wife, Lola Omotayo Okoye sent warm wishes her way congratulating her for the added step in life.

One would think it’s a cryptic message, or just PR but the sassy lass meant her words to the Boss Lady.

Commenting on Zari’s online post, Mrs Okoye noted that she has every reason to to love Zari more, since her son and Zari share a birth date.

Zari’s response replicated the love wave revealing that Lola did receive the lovely wishes and remains grateful.

This sneak peak is sure proof that the two ladies of power are in good talking terms, if not the best, despite the rift drawn between them.

While from this end, we thought Zari and Peter’s cheating allegations had just ignited a fire we were not sure of its ending, the ladies have outsmarted us all.

And the recent communication between the two is evidence enough that the friendship between the two families, remains un-detached.

Nigeria’s Peter Okoye and Uganda’s Zari Hassan

The trolls

In response to fans, Lola spoke to fans on how to deal with all the negative energy that is shot in one’s direction:

People send me DMs asking me how I remain sane and composed when so much negativity is thrown my way and my answer to you is simple. Anger only hurts you! What people think of you is none of your business, you just need to live your truth. When your sense of satisfaction and self-worth is derived from the opinions of strangers then truly you are not in control of your happiness. This constant need of validation from randoms is so unhealthy. we are always told to stay away from negative vibes or negative people but then how will you grow your Love and Compassion if there is no one to upset you, hate you, hurt you or rub you the wrong way?

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