Picture evidence Kush Tracey is addicted to worldly pleasures

Picture evidence Kush Tracey is addicted to worldly pleasures

Jesus was happy he has saved a sheep and she is safely home. The sheep in this story is Kush Tracey.

We were so happy to hear there was a revelation in her life and she decided to get saved. Well, we spoke too soon.

After all the encouraging messages sent to her and the inspiration, she was to many, she is back to the secular life.

When Kush was dating Timmy T Dat, they went out a lot and lived their best life but Timmy is never afraid to admit that though he loves that life he loves God more. In fact, during his EP launch, he opened it up with a prayer.

Anyway back to the matter at hand.

Kush Tracey had an exclusive interview with Kiss100 and she opened up about why she decided to get saved and that interview she was so emotional. I was behind the scenes and I fell for it all. The revelation was there 100%.

“I was depressed last year I hit rock bottom and I was drained i was going through so many emotions at a go. it got to a place I was around people very happy but when I get home I am sad and crying.

I was like I am not doing what I am supposed to do. I believe everyone has a destiny. wen there stared I asked myself what am I doing with my life.

I was trying to look for validation from someone who is not my family. if it was not for my mother I wouldn’t be alive. I thought of committing suicide so many times.” She said

That same Kush has a verse in a song that is basically praising a Luhya man’s bedroom skills. The man being Kristoff.

Her first sin was participating in a lie to Kenyans. They released a short clip of her, Kristoff and Yvonne Darcq where she was acting as the other woman. We believed that Kristoff was cheating on Yvonne with her kumbe it was all a stunt.

Then the video, Bash was release and it’s featuring the three and weh! We were not ready.

She is drinking, smoking shisha -which is illegal in Kenya now- and the skimpy clothes she has on, my ooh my!  Her lyrics make it clear that the only reason she is going for the supposed bash is that Kristoff is there and she will get some good stick.

‘Get married to Willy Paul’ Fans call out Kush Tracey for backsliding

I am playing judge but is she really saved? Here are a few pictures to prove she is addicted to worldly pleasures:

Kush Tracey taking a shot
Kush Tracey smoking Shisha
Kush Tracey Skimpily dressed


Kush Tracey in a club

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