Poverty alleviation initiatives in China’s South West wins company accolades – KBC

Poverty alleviation initiatives in China’s South West wins company accolades – KBC

Over the years, extreme poverty characterized the economic conditions in a number of regions in South West China.

The mountainous Guizhou province, for instance, has been home to millions of impoverished populations.

China today is making headlines for lifting tens of millions of its masses out of biting poverty.

According to the United Nations, China, which has risen to become the world’s second largest economy, has registered remarkable progress in the last 40 years by unshackling more than 800 million from the yoke of poverty.

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In President Xi Jinping’s own words, “no one will be left behind in the endeavor to improve people’s living standards and well-being” by annihilating the scourge by 2020.

It is in this spirit that the remotest parts of China, such as counties in Guizhou province, are experiencing a massive turnaround.

Time is of the essence and the state is employing varied strategies to realize this objective. One such effort is the ongoing partnership between the state and privately run enterprise, The Evergrande Group, in anti-poverty campaigns in the South West.

The company responded to the call of the Communist Party-led administration in 2015 and launched various economic empowerment programs in seven counties within Bijie region, investing a total of 11 billion yuan as part of its philanthropic initiatives.

The provincial government says close to 600,000 poor people from the area have had their names expunged from the records of populations living under the poverty line.

The Chinese company says it is targeting another 444,400 people in Bijie alone who have been earmarked for liberation from poverty epidemic by 2020.

When Evergrande Group landed in the province, it employed specific poverty alleviation mechanisms such as setting up industries, relocation of the poor, as well as the provision of education and employment to the locals as a way out of this menace.

To get started, the company invested 4.8 billion yuan to build two of the largest vegetable and fruit bases in the southwest. It also established the largest cattle breeding base in the area.

“So far, we have helped close to 1 million poor people through the development of vegetable farms, cattle ranches, and Chinese medicine and fruit enterprises,” Evergrande Group Chief Director Lu Xianwu said.

In the meantime, the Beef industry was developing. The company established a breeding farm where 100,000 Angus cows were kept, while 500,000 beef cattle were reared, alongside the development of 100,000 breeding bases.

As economic activities took shape in areas that were inhabited by the poor, the company embarked on a mission to relocate the affected. The group invested billions to build 12 descent immigrant relocation communities where it resettled hundreds of thousands of poor households moved from the mountains.

In addition to these communities, it went on to simultaneously construct education and commercial facilities. The industry in which the people relocated is currently employed.

Furthermore, Evergrande organized poor people to carry out vocational skills training in a bid to solve the problem of unemployment of thousands of people.

“We have helped the city to train 112,714 people, recommending 75,456 people in local industry employment and off-site employment.” He said

The company went on to establish kindergartens, primary schools, and a technical college which are currently in use. The institution entered into a partnership with Tsinghua University to advance this endeavor.

Healthcare is an important component and so the company also established a nursing home and a children welfare institution on top of a fully operational hospital for the locals.


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