Poverty Stricken Coastal Men Lease Out Their Wives, Children To Sex Pests

Poverty Stricken Coastal Men Lease Out Their Wives, Children To Sex Pests

The Coastal region is the real definition of ‘raha’. From lively, booming night clubs to heavy presence of International and domestic tourists, the region’s business arena is nothing short of booming.

Apart from heavy sale of liquor, traditional clothing and ornaments, the region has a new trade commodity, ‘sex for hire’. It’s reported that jobless men and youth rent out their wives and children to the highest bidder.

White tourists in search of women to warm their beds while vacationing in the country, are quickly hooked up to people’s wives, who in turn entertain them accordingly for a handful pay.

It’s alleged that the business of pimping out spouses and children is booming, as a number of white tourists are in dire need of the Kenyan taste literally, and I’m not talking about food.

Authorities at the Coast report cases of dual partners in which countless women are reported to be married to two husbands, a white man and a local man. Disputes of over-attachment on the part of the tourists have left many families broken as scores loose their women to the deeply pocketed.

While the whole scenario might look as one directly out of a movie scene, the men admit that it’s the women who put food on the table and provide for all basic needs to their families, including fancy lifestyles.

I don’t know when men stopped being jealous and strongly rooted for amorous relationships, as I’m yet to meet one who’s cool with sharing the cookie with every Tom, Dick and Harry. Can you rent your wife to a sponsor?

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