Rai Cement Manager Strangled To Death – Police

Rai Cement Manager Strangled To Death – Police

Chattan Vyas, a general manager at Rai Cement
Limited, was on Sunday, September 22, tortured then killed in his house in
Kericho by unknown people.

Police say that Mr. Vyas hands and legs before he
was strangled to death.

Police established that there were three
attackers; they gained entry into the deceased’s house through removing tiles
from the roof in the kitchen area.

“Preliminary investigations reveal that the
killers climbed up the roof of Chattan’s house, removed the roofing tiles,
jumped into the kitchen and, thereafter, went into his bedroom, where they
tortured and killed the victim,” Nasio told the publication.

The killers are suspected to have stolen cash of
unknown amount in the house during the attack.

The body of the tycoon was found by the househelp
who was taking breakfast to him, in the killing which is believed to have taken
place between between 11pm on Sunday and 4am on Monday.

Police were looking at cameras installed in the
house, to source for information. However, immediate reports indicated that the
cameras were tampered with before the brutal attack.

“We will examine CCTV footage mounted in the
house to try to identify the three suspects whose motive for the killing
remains unknown,” she added.

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