Rayvanny talks about his alleged affair with Elizabeth Lulu Micheal!

Rayvanny talks about his alleged affair with Elizabeth Lulu Micheal!

After being linked to Elizabeth Lulu Micheal, WCB Rayvanny has finally opened up about his rumored relationship with the actress.

According to Rayvanny, he was invited to Ms Elizabeth’s party and just like any friend he decided to attend.


However after the short video he made with Lulu surfaced online, many gossip tabloids decided to come up with their own stories that almost cost him his own family.

Speaking during a recent interview, Rayvanny opened up saying;

Unapomsema Lulu na unapomsema Rayvanny unaongelea familia. Lulu yuko na familia yake, mimi niko na familia yangu. Kwa hiyo unaposema kitu chochote kuhusiana labda mimi na Lulu kaa ukijua kwamba kuna sumu ambayo unaitengeneza ambayo ni kubwa sana.

Family man

Rayvanny went on to reveal that he respects his family to an extend that he wouldn’t want to put them through pain.

For this reason he remains faithful to his wife. He concluded by saying;

Mimi nina familia yangu ambayo naiheshimu sana Lulu mahusiano yake na familia yake ambao yeye anaiheshimu sana na mimi nayaheshimu sana. mimi nilienda kwenye party yake as a guest kama ninavyoalikwa sehemu zingine na kwa sababu tu ni Lulu na mimi watu wakaanza kutengeneza story. Ni vitu vya mitandao. Ni vitu ambavyo viliniletea mimi matatizo kwa mwanamke wangu.

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