Revealed: Raila Odinga no longer Interested in being President

Revealed: Raila Odinga no longer Interested in being President

AU Envoy Raila Odinga is no longer interested in being the next president of Kenya. This is according to highly placed sources privy to the workings of the ODM leader’s office. However, the former premier is committed to leaving behind an infrastructure that will see future presidential contenders have a free and fair election as well as put in place the best framework to unify the country after elections. This revelation comes even as Odinga has remained tight lipped on whether he will run in 2022, as he has chosen to play his political cards close to his chest.

It is believed, both President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga do not want anything to do with power post 2022, but, it is an open secret the two leaders will be instrumental in deciding who succeeds President Uhuru in 2022. That person, however, is not William Ruto.

After the March 9th handshake, the two leaders embarked on a path to unite the country as well as address the critical issues they had identified in the nine point MoU they signed at Harambee House. Top of their agenda has been how to change the constitution to kill the winner takes it all politics which has affected the country for decades. Uhuru and Raila believe, once the problem is addressed, other Kenyans will not feel they are left out as the executive will be expanded, to accommodate almost all the major political players.

Raila believes, him running for the top seat would be a waste of time, if the country still have the current systems in place and the IEBC has not been reformed. With a new constitution, various mechanisms will be put forth to address the IEBC debacle, which many believe will be critical as country heads to 2022.

Odinga and Uhuru have already identified specific individuals, whom they will endorse in 2022. The candidate will be taking instructions from the two leaders and running the country under their instructions. However, they say politics is fluid and can change at any moment. We still wait to see if Odinga will throw his hat on the 2022 ring.

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