Rostam is at it again with a new banger ‘Kijiwe Nongwa’

Rostam is at it again with a new banger ‘Kijiwe Nongwa’

Rostam is back with a new banger dubbed Kijiwa Nongwa. The talented singer features Nay Wa Mitego. Rostam is a combination of Roma and Stamina.

To  start with, we are used to a Tanzania where all artists in Bongo sing about love. Here is a rapper who will gladly change your opinion about music. Rostam’s work is well crafted. Ever heard of super lyrics? Well everything lies in his work.

Rostam are always giving out their best to their fans. Although they are not very famous, their songs got strong message. Firstly, we are going to look at some of the lines and get the meaning.

Message and relevance of ‘Kijiwe Nongwa’

Rostam is at it again with a new banger 'Kijiwe Nongwa'

For starters, stanza one sets the pace for the song. Alikuja kama masii tukamchangia sadaka Tukamwona nabii aliyeshushwa siku ya pasaka Tukamtolea na zaka ili kanisa lijengwe Eeh-eh na bado wakamlaza nabii kifo cha mende. Actually, you are going to notice a Biblical aspect in this verse. Pasaka which simply means Passover is a Biblical word.

To add on, lets get what is in stanza two; Hivi unamkumbuka babu? Babu wa Loliondo Ah-ah yule mfugaji mwenye bleach la kikogo Watu wamekufa, watu wamefungwa, watu wamepoteza biashara Sasa umekaribia uchaguzi amerudi chama tawala. Also you get that in this stanza they are talking about witchcraft and how it has left people dead and closing of businesses.

Thus with the issues articulated here, it is right to say that the song is relevant to today’s generation. Further into the song, I feel like he is targeting a certain group of musicians and leaders in Tanzania.

Have a look at this stanza; So soka la Bongo linakwama wapi? TFF maanake nini Tanzania Football Failure, ndo nacho jua mimi Unamfukuzaje Amunike ili udhaifu wenu umvuge Wakati mlimpeleka mlevi ye akacheze namba ya Mkude?

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