Samidoh offers hand to needy students,promises to sponsor their full fee

Samidoh offers hand to needy students,promises to sponsor their full fee

Kikuyu pop musician Samidoh has offered to sponsor two needy students from his former high school in Nyandarua county, urging others to do the same.

Taking to social media, the star said he made an impromptu visit at Ol Joro Orok High School and met the two good performing students, who had issues with school fees.

“I will be sponsoring their full education. I encourage others to help needy cases achieve their dreams,” he wrote.

Adding that he suffered the same problems at the school and the lab technician would offer him lab paraffin for his night studies.

Samidoh, real name Samuel Muchoki, rose to fame three years ago and since then, he has dominated Kikuyu music charts.

Else where top gospel artiste Guardian Angel is going back to the street to inspire, mentor and grow talent.

Talking to Word Is , the ‘Nadeka’ hitmaker says he is supporting kids from different children’s homes to do music.

“I’m trying to show love to kids and support them because I was once a street boy.

I have taken up a children’s home where I take care of their food every month,” he said.

Guardian added

“I thought, how about we showcase the kid’s talents so we are able to uplift them?

I was there and I am able to sing, then, that means there is a lot of talent there.”

Angel said he has already worked with some of them and is about to introduce them to the fans once the time is right.

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