Signs your skin care routine isn’t working for you

Signs your skin care routine isn’t working for you

Once you change your skincare routine or buy a different beauty product, you expect to see results. After one week, you are walking around with your mirror trying to see if there are any changes.

While you may not know whether the product is working for you after one week, you should at least notice some changes after a while. Some changes may be positive or negative. In fact, you might need to change your beauty products as soon as you notice certain changes.

For instance, these signs show that you are using the wrong products for your skin:

1. Your skin feels tight


Your skin should feel relaxed. But if you are feeling like it has become tighter, there could be a problem with your skincare routine products. You might experience tightness after cleansing your face because you are probably using the wrong cleanser for your skin type. Some cleansers strip the skin of its natural oils leading to dehydration and dryness of the skin.

2. Your skin itches

If your skin gets itchy after using a certain product, don’t ignore it. See a dermatologist to know what the problem could be. The fragrance in your skincare products could trigger allergic reactions causing the itchiness.

3. Your face burns or stings

Signs you need to change your skincare routine

You might experience some tingling feeling that is mild when using a certain product. Even so, this feeling shouldn’t last long after using the product. If your face feels like it’s burning hours after using a product, you need to eliminate it from your regimen. Some products contain substances that may be too strong for people with sensitive skin.

4. Your skin becomes oily

Taking care of oily skin(L’Oreal Paris)

Maybe your skin is normal or even dry but it changes to oily after using a certain product. This happens mostly because the product you are using is drying your skin. To compensate for the dryness, the skin usually reacts by producing more oils leaving your face oilier.

5. You notice discoloration

Sun damage and hormones can cause hyperpigmentation. If you notice red patches or darker ones on some parts of your skin, the problem could be the products you are using for your beauty products.

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6. You break out more

Woman with acne(Well+Good)

Using the wrong skincare products can clog your pores and cause breakouts. Using overly strong products can lead to excess secretion of sebum triggering the breakouts.

7. You aren’t seeing any improvement

If you are using acne products but you have noticed no changes even after some months, there can only be a problem with the product.


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