Smart security: 4 ways to keep your property safe with advanced technology

If you’ve recently purchased a property in a new neighbourhood that you’re not accustomed to, you may be concerned about how the security of the property. It may be located in a good area, however, there is always a need for a high level of protection regardless of the location. The majority of properties will have average security features, so you may want to consider updating your property to ensure it’s protected from any theft or intrusion. Take a look at the following smart security solutions which will offer you complete reassurance regarding the safety of your property.

Home surveillance

A popular feature of many contemporary homes is a CCTV system, which is an effective deterrent. Since the introduction of smart technology, however, there are now more advanced ways to protect and keep an eye on your home. You can now purchase security systems which enable you to monitor your home even when you’re at work or even abroad. These are usually disguised as smart doorbells, which are activated when motion is detected. The most advanced devices include Ring doorbell video doorbell and Nest Hello Video Doorbell, which can both be connected to a phone app which will alert you when someone is near your home or knocking on the door. This will offer you real-time footage of your home, which will enable you to prevent theft and also provides convenience for deliveries or visitors.

Alarm systems

One thing that goes hand in hand with property protected is a top-quality alarm system. There are many different types, although some of the most effective alarm fittings are those that can be connected to your phone, as well as a direct link to emergency services if a burglary occurs. One of the most popular alarm systems is Yale’s own, which consists of bright yellow boxes which are enough to send an intruder running. The Canary Starter Pack is also the perfect choice for those looking to be more inconspicuous with their security systems. This features an alarm which you can set off yourself should you encounter any security breaches

Security lights

One of the biggest theft deterrents is security lighting, which can be fitted at the front or rear of the property. This works by turning on when someone comes near your property, which could act as a great scare tactic for those looking to enter your home illegally. You can also make use of lights inside with smart lighting. This is a popular feature in buy to let properties, with investment experts at RW Invest pushing for more high-quality security features in their off-plan developments to protect tenants. By doing the same in your property, you can utilise smart lighting for increased protection and reduced energy-consumption when using automated lighting or wireless lightbulbs which can be operated with the touch of a smartphone button. 

High-quality doors

Before allowing anyone to move into your property, you need to make sure that entrances and exits are secure. This includes your front door, which is used as an entryway for 34% of burglaries, as well as your back door which is equally as vulnerable to robbers. To ensure the property is safe you should consider investing in smart locks, which will enable you to lock your home wherever you are. All you need to do is purchase it, connect to your phone, download the app and lock or unlock as you please.



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