Staff stare at starvation as EPZ Simba shuts – Weekly Citizen

Staff stare at starvation as EPZ Simba shuts – Weekly Citizen

Almost 2,000 workers of Simba Apparel EPZ Ltd in Mombasa have been rendered jobless after the management resolved to close down the factory.
The management claimed they were forced to close down following a lack of a conducive business environment in which to operate their business.
They said they are tired of illegal strikes by the company workers due to internal fighting of members of the workers’ union in the factory.
The company managing director Thomas Pathoor said he will issue a statement regarding the management decision to close down the factory.

Simba EPZ

He accused the workers of refusing to follow the laid down procedures to call for a strike despite having a collective bargaining agreement with the union.
“It has reached a time when the workers blackmail the company management through illegal strikes,” he pointed out.
In a signed statement, the company boss said the county labour officer has made several attempts to engage workers on illegal strike but they have turned a deaf ear.
Pathoor defended the company’s decision to close down the factory which he said was reached after a lengthy meeting with their lawyers.
He said they were faced with internal wrangles between shop stewards of the union which has backing from local politicians.
“At one stage the workers agreed to a return-to-work formula but others refused to comply,” he said.


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