Subtle signs that a guy is attracted to you

Subtle signs that a guy is attracted to you

With most guys, you will always know it if they are attracted to you because they often say it. But if you are dealing with a shy guy, then they may not tell you upfront that they are attracted to you. Or maybe a guy may choose to just play it cool to know you better before they reveal their feelings to you.

Even so, these subtle signs show that a guy is attracted to you even though they have not said it:

1. Self-grooming

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When a man is just meeting any other friend, he doesn’t put too much effort. But if this particular guy always dresses up, wears a nice smelling cologne, and, gets a new haircut every time he knows he is going to see you, no doubt that he is attracted to you.

2. He is always nervous around you

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Some guys feel nervous and tend to fidget when they are around a woman they are attracted to. It’s possible that he is wondering what words he is going to use to tell you what he feels. A reassuring smile is a good gesture that can give him the courage to finally open up to you.

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3. Capturing your attention

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When you are in a crowd, a guy who is attracted to you will always try to get your attention. Whether it’s by flirting with other ladies, dressing in bright colors or making a loud laugh, that’s a sign of attraction. You might notice that he does these things when you are close to him and know you definitely won’t miss it.

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4. Lots of eye contact

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The way someone looks at you says so much about how they feel towards you. A prolonged eye contact, for instance, is a show of attraction from a guy.

5. He finds an excuse to be with you

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Does he always come up with suggestions of things you can do together for fun? Or maybe he says he wants to borrow something from you? This guy could be just making an excuse to see you and spend some time with you because he is attracted to you.


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