Tempers flared as Senator Omanga and Hon Gedi locked horns on live TV

Tempers flared as Senator Omanga and Hon Gedi locked horns on live TV
Jubilee nominated senator Millicent Omanga (left) and Wajir Woman Representative Fatuma Gedi (Courtesy)

Wajir Woman Representative Fatuma Gedi and Jubilee nominated senator Millicent Omanga on Wednesday September 25 took turns throwing shade on live TV.

The heated debate which was dotted with hard hitting jibes from the two leaders was hosted by Jeff Koinange, who was also not left behind.

Weighing in on the issue of Jubilee Party nominating McDonald Mariga for the Kibra by-election, the two Jubilee leaders laid bare the widening rift within the ruling party as they sharply contradicted.

Hon Gedi, who is aligned to the Kieleweki wing of Jubilee, opined that her conscience could not allow her to support the Jubilee candidate for Kibra much to the chagrin of Senator Omanga who had moments earlier maintained that the Jubilee house was intact.

“On Mariga, my conscience cannot allow me to support Mariga. When you put on the TV, all you see is the candidate promoting betting which is not good for kids.” Hon Gedi ranted.

Lashing back, Omanga went for a low blow tearing into the Wajir Woman Rep by bringing in the matter of Gedi’s alleged leaked nudes that trended online sometime back also being wrong ‘for kids’: “Can we also use her video which was trending on social media to judge her?”

The first time Senator went on to accuse Gedi of not being an original member of Jubilee Party, therefore, could not understand how the party conducts its day to day functions.

Allowing himself to get roped into the debate, Jeff quizzed Omanga on why she felt Gedi did not understand politics yet she, Gedi, was elected while her, Omanga, was only nominated. “How does she not understand politics? She was elected you were nominated.” Jeff interjected Omanga.

Precious Talent primary school disaster

Coming in the wake of the Precious Talent primary school disaster, the debate fairly tilted on the role of politicians and public leaders on remedying disasters.

Not impressed by how the media handled the matter, Senator Omanga called on the media to apologize for branding leaders ‘disaster celebrities.’

“You are calling us disaster celebrities which is so unfair. What if we did not go there? You’d start saying the leaders are nowhere to be seen,” Omanga remarked before adding that “it is so irresponsible for you [the media] to brand us as disaster celebrities, we actually need an apology from you.”

The Senator was reacting to a tweet by a local TV station that blasted public figures and politicians who show up after disasters and launch blame games despite having done little to better the health and safety of those who elected them.

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