“Thank You for Your Patience,” Kate Actress to Phil as Couple Announce Pregnancy

“Thank You for Your Patience,” Kate Actress to Phil as Couple Announce Pregnancy

Top Kenyan actress Catherine Kamau alias Kate Actress and her husband Phil Karanja are expecting their first child together.

The actress and her director husband both took to Instagram on Tuesday to share the good news with their fans.

Catherine said they initially wanted to keep the pregnancy a secret but she changed her mind in a bid to encourage hopeful mums, rainbow mums and career women who are trying to decide between their family and goals.

“The cat or rather the baby is out of the bag 😊! We are over the moon. We really wanted to keep this to ourselves but then again I remembered the many women on my timeline, hopeful moms to be, rainbow mums, career women trying to decide between family and your goals. I feel you, this is for you, Gods time is the best!” she wrote.

In a subsequent post, Catherine gushed over Phil Karanja describing him as a pillar of support. She also thanked him for being patient and for being there for her and her 13-year-old son Leon.

“Thank you for your patience, I had no idea how much being a teenage mum affected me. You gave me assurance that you would never leave us, you have held my hand all through, spoilt me silly, I am indeed blessed. We thank God, this is such an honour 🙏🏿❤️”

On his part, Phil kept it simple, posting to his Instagram; “GOD’S TIME🥰About to walk this new journey in life, can’t wait 😍@Kate_actress Thank you LOVE😘”

The announcement comes months after Catherine jokingly chased her son telling him to return to school because they were busy making him a sister.

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