‘The baby erected right after being born’ The shock Diamond’s son gave Esma

‘The baby erected right after being born’ The shock Diamond’s son gave Esma

We have been getting details on Diamond and Tanasha’s baby from the family members because the parents to the boy do not want to reveal anything.

Tanzanian blogs and media houses have taken advantage of Diamond’s siblings to try and get any form of information on what the baby looks like. Last week Queen Darleen tried to describe to us saying he looks exactly like his father.

Read on the details  below:

Queen Darleen leaks details on Diamond and Tanasha’s son

Yesterday, Yo Fave had an interview with Diamond’s other sister, Esma and they asked her to try and paint a picture of how the little boy looks. She revealed some hilarious details on the day he was born that left her laughing.

“his ears are black and so is his private part. The baby looks like he will be a wonder. the incidence that made me laugh hard was just when he was born, he had erected. I couldn’t even help myself. There so many nurses and doctors and I shouted wow! The baby has erected why? Atakuwa kiboko. the baby will easily be light brown in color” Esma revealed 

The interviewer described that behaviour similar to his father Diamond Platnumz who has been accused of being father Abraham.

Mama Dangote shows off the face of Diamond and Tanasha’s son(PHOTO)

With all the attention this innocent baby has, it might just be time for Tanasha and Diamond to show us how he looks and give us details on their journey especially on the day she gave birth. We hope this message gets to them.

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