The exposed thong is back, as seen on Jennifer Lopez, Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin

The exposed thong is back, as seen on Jennifer Lopez, Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin
Three stylish celebs rocking their exposed thong look…

Yes, you read that right, the 90s/00s thong trend has made an official return.

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JLo has already caused a stir within the fashion world this month, as last week she was seen recreating her iconic Versace look during Milan Fashion Week.

This week is no exception to the star making fashion headlines, as she’s been seen sporting a very ‘particular’ trend, a thong/trouser hybrid.

And she’s not alone, as this unusual style has also been seen on Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin, which marks the ever pressing question, is this trend back for good?

There’s a slight change in the comeback style though, as it seems this time around it’s all about the two garments being attached, so its not your ‘actual’ thong on show, but part of the design of the dress/trousers.

Actress Gillian Anderson arrives at the Vanity Fair post Oscar party March 25, 2001 wearing an exposed thong dress (Image: Jason Kirk/Getty Images)

We aren’t sure whether it’s better or worse that the thong is attached rather than it being your literal underwear, but either way it’s a bold move.

We think there’s one thing we can agree on, to sport this exposed look you need abs of steel, because this is definitely not the most flattering of trends.

And if there’s one person who has the body for it, it’s JLo.

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We can sort of let her off, because let’s remember she is FIFTY years old, so why shouldn’t she show off her insane body that even those of us in our twenties would kill for.

Jennifer Lopez wearing her thong trousers (Image:

But it isn’t JLo who we need to thank for bringing back this trend many of us were happy to leave in the early noughties.

Oh no, Hailey Baldwin did it first, when she took to the Met Gala red carpet back in May in her baby pink Alexander Wang gown with a thong detail.

Hailey Bieber at the 2019 Met Gala with a thong-detailed dress

Next it was supermodel Bella Hadid, who faulted her toned abs whilst on the runway for Versace SS20 back in June.

Bella Hadid for Versace spring/summer 2020 (Image: AFP/Getty Images)

So whilst we might have had months of warning to be prepared for this comeback trend, we can’t say we are quite ready to see it make its way onto the high street.

We have mixed reviews, because whilst there is no way the majority of us would ever even attempt this style, we must put our hands up and say we admire those who have boldly left their house with their underwear deliberately showing.

Maybe if we all had the bodies of these runway superstars we would be more tempted?…

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This controversial look seems like it’s here to stay, so be prepared to see a way more thong than you bargained for…

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