The Ticking Time Bomb That Is Jubilee —First Shot Fired in Eldoret.

The Ticking Time Bomb That Is Jubilee —First Shot Fired in Eldoret.
CAPTION: The Kikuyu- Kalenjin Marriage. (Photo Credits: The Standard Digital.)

By Big Bill,

January 15, 2018,

Marrying a lady because the two of you love each other and have mutually agreed to marry results into an unshakable marriage. On the other hand, marrying a girl because she has been sent out of her parents’ leads to a shaky marriage—bound to fail eventually! Jubilee, the political marriage between Kikuyu and Kalenjin communities, is exactly the latter. These two communities were arch-rivals since time immemorial. They then got united because their sons, Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto, were facing criminal charges at The International Criminal Court (ICC). They had no choice but to work together. Such a reason to forge an alliance is circumstantial- bound to vanish as soon as things get better. The ICC is no more- gone! The sons are free and no one owes anyone anything anymore.

The anti-hawkers crack-down happening in Eldoret, as spearheaded by Uasin Gishu governor, Jackson Mandago, is actually an ethnic cleansing targeting the Kikuyu community. This is a clear message to the Mount Kenya Mafia that, they must give a careful thought to what now seems as a looming betrayal of their son, Ruto. This comes after one of Ruto’s motorcade chasers died in an ‘accident.’ This accident seemed like a state “message” to Ruto just like the Supreme Court Deputy Chief Justice; Philomena Mwilu was sent one when her driver was shot before the court could give a ruling on the petition against Uhuru’s October 26th re-election. The Kalenjin Elites are also sending a “message” to The Mount Kenya Mafia- a developing tag of political war!

Logically, it is clear that Ruto has become a burden to the Mount Kenya Mafia. Betraying Ruto would make the Kikuyu community an island- surrounded not by waters but people they have betrayed and hurt. Currently, they have only Kalenjins for friends. The way they handle Ruto will determine the fate of their people. With these messages being sent, the succession of Kenyatta is slowly becoming a ticking time bomb that will see once two friendly communities hate each other vehemently, to the joy of the other communities these too oppressed during their joint tenure.

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