Thika Salonists Reject Woman Rep Wamuchomba’s Equipment and Here is Why

Thika Salonists Reject Woman Rep Wamuchomba’s Equipment and Here is Why

When the foolish become wise, the wise have no place to hide. A move by the office of Kiambu Woman Rep that seemed wise has backfired after the targeted ‘fools’ showed they are not stupid after all.

Gathoni Wamuchomba had purchased salon equipment worth 1.5 million and loaned it to a  group of barbers and hair dressers in Thika. The group has rejected equipment saying it was substandard and the prices inflated.

In a letter to her office, the group’s chairman, Mr Kennedy Lumbasi, said the members will not take the equipment because the quality does not match the prices tagged.

The association claimed that Ms Muchomba’s office was offering them a hair drier worth Sh8,000 at sh10,000, a shaving machine worth Sh2,000 at Sh3,500 and a sink that goes for Sh300 at Sh1,000.

They further added that the  Woman Rep’s office had initially said that the tools would be issued as grants, only for them to later be asked to pay within a year.

Ms Muchomba on her part accused her critics of tainting her project in a bid to settle political scores.

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