Things Diamond should ditch now that he is 30-year-old man and father

Things Diamond should ditch now that he is 30-year-old man and father
Diamond Platnumz Tanzania

Diamond Platnumz recently welcomed his fifth child with Kenyan damsel Tanasha Donna and we can’t help but notice his excitement.

Diamond recently turned 30 and being a father of five is a huge responsibility, he has made his mistakes and below are things he should learn.

  1. To keep his relationship off social media

If you haven’t noticed Diamond has in a way matured, he no longer blasts his critics on social media and he does not over post his bae Tanasha as he did in his previous relationship.

Now that he has turned 30 he needs to style up and avoid giving critics something to talk about.

2. To be engaged in his kid’s life

Time and time again we have heard Diamond being accused of being absent in his kids’ lives.

He should try to make changes in his life by making time to be present in the life of Tanasha’s son otherwise we will be on his case like a tick on a bull.

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Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha son
Diamond Platnumz holds his newborn son

3. To zip up

We have all heard the phrase the internet never forgets, being a celebrity means that things will be written about him every day.

Much has been written about him being ‘Father Abraham’ and being linked to various women while at the same time he is dating someone. Those juicy salacious stories always make headlines. Now that he is older and wiser, these should stop.

4. Condomize it

No one gets a kid if you wrap it up. Unless your sperms are stronger than missiles used by North Korea to disrupt countries.

So one thing Diamond should do is to use condoms or advice Tanasha to get on family planning, she is still young asituzeeshee msichana wetu kwa kumzalisha ovyo ovyo.

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Tanasha and Diamond
Tanasha and Diamond

5. Blasting his ex’ on the media and in his songs

Diamond has in the past blasted his exes live on the radio during media interviews. He also low key shades them as well in his songs and that’s a habit he should drop, ASAP.

The one thing he should keep doing is giving us dope music.


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